‘Spooky action at a distance’ could create a nearly perfect clock

Physicists imagine a day when they will be able to design a clock that’s so precise, it will be used to detect subtle disturbances in space-time or to find the elusive dark matter that tugs on everything yet emits no light. The ticking of this clock will be almost perfect. That dream may not be […]

New starfish-like fossil reveals evolution in action — ScienceDaily

Researchers from the University of Cambridge have discovered a fossil of the earliest starfish-like animal, which helps us understand the origins of the nimble-armed creature. The prototype starfish, which has features in common with both sea lilies and modern-day starfish, is a missing link for scientists trying to piece together its early evolutionary history. The […]

Deep, slow-slip action may direct largest earthquakes and their tsunamis

Map of the Cascadia subduction zone. Credit: Public Domain Megathrust earthquakes and subsequent tsunamis that originate in subduction zones like Cascadia—Vancouver Island, Canada, to northern California—are some of the most severe natural disasters in the world. Now a team of geoscientists thinks the key to understanding some of these destructive events may lie in the […]

Current pace of action on climate change is “unthinkable” state ex UN climate leaders

Credit: CC0 Public Domain Justifiable pride can be taken in the incremental accomplishments of international climate change cooperation, but it is “unthinkable” to continue at the current pace. The global response to climate change is completely insufficient and leaves the world on a “road to hell”. That’s according to four former senior members of the […]

Hear from people taking action against COVID-19

As the coronavirus pandemic picked up speed this year, some people’s jobs became a nonstop race to help save lives. Here, an emergency medicine doctor, vaccine trial volunteer, protective equipment manufacturer, public health director and others share what 2020 was like for them.  The following interviews have been edited for length and clarity. Yvette CalderonMount […]