How to use advanced editing tools without ruining your photos

There’s something utterly wrong with this photo. (Harry Guinness/) With great editing power comes great responsibility—the more easily you can change things about your photos, the more carefully you have to do it. Over the past few years image editing tools have gotten more advanced, more user-friendly, and, in some cases, even completely automatic. Now, […]

This month in pictures – Advanced Science News

From Trojan horses that help sneak therapeutics past the blood–brain barrier to advanced brain models built on microchips, we celebrate innovative science in breathtaking images. Image credit: Luca Berdondini and co-workers 2020 was certainly a year like no other, but in the midst of its turmoil are examples of humanity’s ability to come together and […]

Cooperation with R&D organizations is significantly distinctive for advanced innovators

The innovation performance of firms depends on their ability to innovate in cooperation with external partners. In a study, HSE researchers found that most of innovation in Russian manufacturing happens in a sort of open processes, but extensive cooperation networks are barely detectable. The study was published in the December issue of Foresight and STI […]

Artificial chemist 2.0 – Advanced Science News

AI and robotics meet fluidics to accelerate materials development, allowing researchers to create quantum dots in under an hour. Image credit: Milad Abolhasani, NC State University A group of researchers from North Carolina State University and the University at Buffalo have developed an intelligent robotic material synthesizer to accelerate the development and manufacturing of semiconductor […]

Chimie douce: Green hydrogen – Advanced Science News

Image credit: Shutterstock The literal translation of ‘chimie douce’, is ‘soft chemistry’. It carries connotations of reducing the extreme conditions of temperature, heat, and pressure often associated with traditional synthetic approaches for making solid-state materials to more gentle eco-friendly ambient ones. In this context, a very exciting example of “chime douce” was recently been reported, […]

This month in pictures – Advanced Science News

From micrometer-sized nanoflowers to hydrogel hearts, this edition of “This month in pictures” features more intriguing images from our journals and the science behind them. “Art and science have their meeting point in method” – Edward Bulwer-Lytton. This series of photographs published recently in our journals features incredible images which caught the eye of our […]

Location and extent of coral reefs mapped worldwide using advanced AI

Visual comparisons of a map by the United Nations Environment Program World Conservation Monitoring Centre (UNEP-WCMC), the leading global coral reef map, and the GDCS coral reef extent map in different regions, including (a) Great Barrier Reef (GBR), Australia, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia; (b) Madagascar, East Africa; (c) Red Sea, Samoa, Virgin Islands Credit: Center […]