Ancient proteins help track early milk drinking in Africa

IMAGE: Cattle grazing in Entesekara in Kenya near the Tanzanian border view more  Credit: A. Janzen Tracking milk drinking in the ancient past is not straightforward. For decades, archaeologists have tried to reconstruct the practice by various indirect methods. They have looked at ancient rock art to identify scenes of animals being milked and at animal […]

Sowing Seeds of Food Security in Africa

A man and woman study the screen of a laptop.

Food security is one of the most pressing issues, if not the most pressing, faced by many African countries today. And events in recent years have increasingly strained food supplies for populations in sub-Saharan Africa. In 2019, Cyclones Idai and Kenneth ravaged southern Africa and coincided with droughts, extreme flooding, and landslides in […]

New indicator could help mitigate food insecurity in Sub-Saharan Africa — ScienceDaily

The onset date of the yearly rainy season reliably predicts if seasonal drought will occur in parts of Sub-Saharan Africa that are particularly vulnerable to food insecurity, and could help to mitigate its effects. Shraddhanand Shukla and colleagues at the University of California, Santa Barbara’s Climate Hazards Center, present these findings in the open-access journal […]

Genetic rewiring behind spectacular evolutionary explosion in East Africa

IMAGE: Sampling cichlid fish tissues for genome and transcriptome sequencing in Tanzania and Zanzibar Archipelago. Tilapia and haplochromine cichlid fish species were sampled for associated studies on characterising genomic signatures of… view more  Credit: Dr Graham Etherington and Dr Tarang Mehta, Earlham Institue (EI) Genetic rewiring could have driven an evolutionary explosion in the shapes, sizes […]

Scientists discover new ‘spectacular’ bat from West Africa

Myotis nimbaensis, shown here, is a new species of bat named for the mountain range in which it is found, the Nimba Mountains in West Africa. Credit: © Bat Conservation International A group of scientists led by the American Museum of Natural History and Bat Conservation International have discovered a new species of a striking […]

Pfizer vaccine works against coronavirus mutation in UK and S. Africa variants

Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine is effective against a key mutation found in variants of the virus that are spreading faster than the original strain, according to an early study. While viruses mutate all the time, scientists worry that some of the new mutations in the novel coronavirus, specifically those in a new variant discovered in South […]

Virus variant found in S. Africa may resist antibodies

Antibodies against the novel coronavirus may not work as well against a new variant of the virus identified in South Africa, early data suggest. Scientists recently raised concerns that the variant, known as 501.V2, may be resistant to COVID-19 vaccines, Live Science previously reported. Experts noted that the variant has accumulated a significant number of […]

COVID-19’s impact on cancer prevention and control in Africa

When the COVID-19 pandemic reached Africa, the continent was already struggling to deal with another public health crisis – a growing cancer epidemic characterized by more than one million new cancer cases and nearly 700,000 deaths per year. In a Perspective, Beatrice Wiafe Addai and Wilfred Ngwa discuss the significant challenges COVID-19 imposed on cancer […]

The team will gather information in Africa on zoonotic diseases that can jump from animals to humans, like COVID-19 and HIV — ScienceDaily

A University of Arkansas biologist is part of a global team of researchers developing a strategy to detect and intercept diseases emerging from wildlife in Africa that could eventually infect humans. Assistant professor Kristian Forbes, along with colleagues from Africa, Europe and North America, have proposed a four-part approach to detect and contain zoonotic diseases, […]

Warning signs over effectiveness of HIV ‘wonder drug’ in sub-Saharan Africa

Dolutegravir, the current first-line treatment for HIV, may not be as effective as hoped in sub-Saharan Africa, suggests new research published on World AIDS Day. The study finds that this so-called ‘wonder drug’ may be less effective in patients resistant to older drugs. As HIV copies itself and replicates, it can develop errors, or ‘mutations’, […]