Effective planning ahead protects fish and fisheries

Construction of the Block Island Wind Farm off Rhode Island, the first offshore wind farm in the United States. It began commercial operations in December 2016. Credit: NOAA Fisheries Conservation of fish and other marine life migrating from warming ocean waters will be more effective and also protect commercial fisheries if plans are made now […]

Electronic skin has a strong future stretching ahead

IMAGE: KAUST researchers have developed a durable “electronic skin ” that can mimic natural functions of human skin, such as sensing temperature and touch. view more  Credit: © 2020 KAUST A material that mimics human skin in ?strength, stretchability and sensitivity could be used to collect biological data in real time. Electronic skin, or e-skin, may […]

Staying ahead of the curve with 3D curved graphene

IMAGE: An Electrical transport of 3D graphene with various curvature radii view more  Credit: Tohoku University A team of researchers has amplified 3D graphene’s electrical properties by controlling its curvature. “Our research showed the conservation and the degradation of the ultra-low dissipative transport of Dirac electrons on the 3D curved surface for the first time,” said […]