Lost 19th-century Tlingit fort discovered in Alaska

The remains of a long-lost 19th-century fort in Alaska, once the site of a fierce battle between First Nations clans and Russian soldiers, has been revealed by radar scans. It was a stronghold of the Tlingit people, a Northwest Coast Indigenous group, and it was the last fort to fall before Russia colonized the land […]

Determining Dissolved Organic Carbon Flows into the Gulf of Alaska

Amid ongoing climate change, understanding how and where carbon is moving across ecosystems has become a top research priority. This type of “carbon accounting” helps scientists determine where the planet is sequestering and releasing atmosphere-warming carbon compounds and is especially important at the boundaries between different ecosystems. In a new study, Edwards et […]

A Census of Snowdrifts in Northern Alaska

Snowdrifts are iconic features of frigid high-latitude landscapes. They are also important natural phenomena that dictate how fresh water flows through those landscapes once snows melt in the warmer months. Despite their importance, however, snowdrifts remain understudied. In a new study, Parr et al. used a combination of lidar and structure-from-motion photogrammetry to […]