All-purpose dinosaur opening reconstructed for first time

A reconstruction of Psittacosaurus illustrating how the cloacal vent may have been used for signalling during courtship. Credit: Bob Nicholls/ 2020, used with permission For the first time ever, a team of scientists, led by the University of Bristol, have described in detail a dinosaur’s cloacal or vent—the all-purpose opening used for defecation, urination and […]

Bacterium produces pharmaceutical all-purpose weapon

IMAGE: From left: Dr. René Richarz with an agar plate containing the bacterium, Cornelia Hermes with an extract obtained from the bacterium, and working group leader Dr. Max Crüsemann. A coralberry… view more  Credit: © AG Crüsemann / University of Bonn For some years, an active substance from the leaves of an ornamental plant has been […]

Jamming solids find use as all-purpose robotic skin

Image credit: Medha Goyal If you are someone who enjoys cooking, you might know that a touch of cornstarch and water can make your sauces delightfully thick and gloopy. If while eating your meals you enjoy watching science videos, you might also know that people have been able to run across whole pools of cornstarch […]