Apple App Store privacy labels show how developers track you online

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Could Apple build a search engine that competes with Google?

“Apple it” just doesn’t have the same ring… (Nathana Rebouças/Unsplash/) Hamza Mudassir is a Visiting Fellow in Strategy, Cambridge Judge Business School. This story originally featured on The Conversation. Small corners of the internet are ablaze with the news that Apple has significantly ramped up its search bot activity. Search bots typically scan websites in […]

Used Google, Facebook, or Apple as a login? Here’s how to log out.

It’s surprising who we are willing to share our data with in order to find out how we’ll look when we’re old. ( jaikishan patel / Unsplash/) If something inside you screams in frustration every time a site asks you to create an account, you’ve probably shut it up by using your Google, Facebook, or […]