What archaeology will look like in 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic, and the economic recession it has fostered, loom large over Live Science’s archaeology predictions for 2021. While the development of vaccines is promising, it will be sometime before they can be distributed to a large proportion of the world’s population.  As such, archaeologists will likely continue to experiment with new ways of […]

The 10 biggest archaeology discoveries of 2020

With the pandemic and accompanying economic recession clouding 2020, it goes without saying that the year will not go down as the happiest for humanity. The archaeology world also felt the effects, as numerous digs were canceled or curtailed as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite the difficult year, many archaeological and historical discoveries […]

Evidence for a massive paleo-tsunami at ancient Tel Dor, Israel

IMAGE: Geoprobe drilling rig extraction of a sediment core with evidence of a tsunami from South Bay, Tel Dor, Israel view more  Credit: Photo by T. E. Levy Underwater excavation, borehole drilling, and modelling suggests a massive paleo-tsunami struck near the ancient settlement of Tel Dor between 9,910 to 9,290 years ago, according to a study […]

Ancient DNA retells story of Caribbean’s first people, with a few plot twists

IMAGE: Archaeological research and ancient DNA technology can work hand in hand to illuminate past history. This vessel, made between AD 1200-1500 in present-day Dominican Republic, shows a frog figure, associated… view more  Credit: Kristen Grace/Florida Museum GAINESVILLE, Fla. — The history of the Caribbean’s original islanders comes into sharper focus in a new Nature study […]

The ‘crazy beast’ that lived among the dinosaurs

Adalatherium is an important piece in a very large puzzle on early mammalian evolution in the southern hemisphere, one in which most of the other pieces are still missing New research published today in the Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology describes a bizarre 66 million-year-old mammal that provides profound new insights into the evolutionary history of […]

CU Anschutz researcher offers new theory on `Venus’ figurines

AURORA, Colo. (Dec. 1, 2020) – One of world’s earliest examples of art, the enigmatic `Venus’ figurines carved some 30,000 years ago, have intrigued and puzzled scientists for nearly two centuries. Now a researcher from the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus believes he’s gathered enough evidence to solve the mystery behind these curious totems. […]

Ancient blanket made with 11,500 turkey feathers

PULLMAN, Wash. — The ancient inhabitants of the American Southwest used around 11,500 feathers to make a turkey feather blanket, according to a new paper in the Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports. The people who made such blankets were ancestors of present-day Pueblo Indians such as the Hopi, Zuni and Rio Grande Pueblos. A team […]

Archaeology: Neanderthal thumbs better adapted to holding tools with handles

Neanderthal thumbs were better adapted to holding tools in the same way that we hold a hammer, according to a paper published in Scientific Reports. The findings suggest that Neanderthals may have found precision grips — where objects are held between the tip of the finger and thumb — more challenging than power ‘squeeze’ grips, […]

The microbiome of Da Vinci’s drawings

IMAGE: Da Vinci’s “Uomo della Bitta ” view more  Credit: The authors The work of Leonardo Da Vinci is an invaluable heritage of the 15th century. From engineering to anatomy, the master paved the way for many scientific disciplines. But what else could the drawings of Da Vinci teach us? Could molecular studies reveal interesting data […]

Denisovan DNA found in sediments of Baishiya Karst Cave on Tibetan Plateau

IMAGE: Baishiya Karst Cave view more  Credit: HAN Yuanyuan One year after the publication of research on the Xiahe mandible, the first Denisovan fossil found outside of Denisova Cave, the same research team has now reported their findings of Denisovan DNA from sediments of the Baishiya Karst Cave (BKC) on the Tibetan Plateau where the Xiahe […]