World’s largest atom smasher could seed microscopic black holes

The cosmos may be studded with black holes so tiny they could slip in between atoms, a wild new theory suggests. And we could be making these teensy singularities all the time at the world’s largest atom smasher, a new study shows. If we could make these objects, they could be a window into the […]

A photonic crystal coupled to a transmission line via an artificial atom

The device. (a) Schematics of the device. The artificial atom is simultaneously coupled to electromagnetic and acoustic systems. Microwave photons excite an artificial atom (qubit). The atom in turn generates phonons into the phononic crystal. (b) Schematic representation of the sample. Electromagnetic waves propagate through a coplanar transmission line and interact with an artificial atom […]

Chemists characterize key compound for catalytic nitrogen atom transfer — ScienceDaily

Catalysts with a metal-nitrogen bond can transfer nitrogen to organic molecules. In this process short-lived molecular species are formed, whose properties critically determine the course of the reaction and product formation. The key compound in a catalytic nitrogen-atom transfer reaction has now been analysed in detail by chemists. The detailed understanding of this reaction will […]

Molecular swarm rearranges surface structures atom by atom

Much like a zipper, carbene molecules cooperate on a gold surface to join two rows of atoms into one row, resulting — step by step — in a new surface structure. Image credit: Getty The surface of metals plays a key role in many technologically relevant areas, such as catalysis, sensor technology and battery research. […]