The attack on the Capitol had all the ingredients of a COVID-19 superspreader event

The events that occurred were concerning for more than just political reasons. (Cameron Smith on Unsplash/) Any time an event is held, COVID-19 infection is a risk. After all, the virus loves nothing more than people crowding together and talking loudly. But of course, not all events are created equal: The risk of spreading COVID-19 […]

Women found to be at higher risk for heart failure and heart attack death than men

DALLAS, Nov. 30, 2020 — Women face a 20% increased risk of developing heart failure or dying within five years after their first severe heart attack compared with men, according to new research published today in the American Heart Association’s flagship journal Circulation. Previous research looking at sex differences in heart health has often focused […]

Man’s ‘heart attack’ was really side effect from swallowed battery

When a man arrived at the emergency room, it looked to doctors like he was having a heart attack. But that was a false alarm: The man had actually swallowed a battery that messed with his electrocardiogram (EKG), a measure of the heart’s electrical activity, according to a new report of the case.  Once doctors […]

SARS-CoV-2 might attack red marrow and block new erythrocytes formation

IMAGE: Lung parenchyma of patient 56 years old; Staining with hematoxylin and eosin. Microphoto ×400. Spherocytes, microcytes, hypo- and hyperchromic erythrocytes are identified view more  Credit: FEFU press office Specialists from the Department of Fundamental Medicine of Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU) with Russian and Japanese colleagues have probed into mechanisms of COVID-19 inside-the-body distribution linked […]

COVID-19 causes some patients’ immune systems to attack their own bodies

Across the world, immunologists who retooled their labs to join the fight against SARS-CoV-2 are furiously trying to explain why some people get so sick while others recover unscathed. The pace is dizzying, but some clear trends have emerged. One area of focus has been the production of antibodies – powerful proteins capable of disabling […]

Weight-reduction surgery for severely obese adults may prevent second heart attack, death

DALLAS, October 26, 2020 — People with severe obesity (BMI >35) and a prior heart attack who undergo weight-reduction surgery may lower their risk of a second heart attack, major cardiovascular event, heart failure and death compared to people with similar medical histories who did not have weight-reduction surgery, according to new research published today […]