Synthesis study demonstrates phytoplankton can bloom below Arctic sea ice

IMAGE: Optical measurement of a melt pond view more  Credit: Pierre Coupel Small photosynthetic marine algae are a key component of the Arctic marine ecosystem but their role for the ecology of the Arctic Ocean have been underestimated for decades. That’s the conclusion of a team of scientists who synthesized more than half a century of […]

The Milky Way makes little galaxies bloom, then snuffs them out

If you’re a small galaxy and want to mint new stars, come to the Milky Way — but don’t get too close if you want a long-lasting star-making career. New observations with the Gaia space telescope show that our galaxy is both friend and foe to the lesser galaxies that revolve around it. Some 60 […]

KIST addressing algal bloom in conventional water treatment facilities

IMAGE: Powder activated carbon developed by KIST researchers. view more  Credit: Korea Institue of Science and Technology(KIST) An algal bloom refers to a phenomenon in which phytoplankton including blue-green algae rapidly proliferate in summer marked by high levels of solar irradiation and water temperature. It has lately been raising concerns due increased frequency of occurrence resulting […]