Satellite data reveals bonds between emissions, pollution and economy

The city of Denver, Colorado, blanketed by smog. Credit: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Burning fossil fuels has long powered world economies while contributing to air pollution and the buildup of greenhouse gases. A new analysis of nearly two decades of satellite data shows that economic development, fossil-fuel combustion and air quality are closely linked on […]

Experiments with bifluoride ions show evidence of hybrid bonds

Hydrogen bonds. (A) Types of hydrogen bonds depending on donor-acceptor distance. Potentials of proton motion are shown along with the first three quantum levels and the associated lowest-energy transitions. (B) Principal coordinates of any H-bond demonstrated with HF2−(aq): donor-acceptor distance (dFF), proton asymmetry (Δ), and linearity (δ). Credit: Science (2021). DOI: 10.1126/science.abe1951 A team of […]

Hybrid chemical bonds are a mash-up of hydrogen and covalent bonds

fluorine atoms bonded to hydrogen atom

Chemistry students the world over are familiar with covalent bonds and hydrogen bonds. Now a study has revealed a strange variety of bond that acts like a hybrid of the two. Its properties raise questions about how chemical bonds are defined, chemists report in the Jan. 8 Science. Hydrogen bonds are typically thought of as […]