Cell ‘bones’ mystery solved with supercomputers

Thin, flexible protein strands called actin filaments act like bones for our cells and are critical for its movement. Supercomputer simulations have helped solve a decades-old mystery of how actin filaments polymerize, or chain together. Space-filling model from molecular dynamics simulation showing actin filament barbed end (blue) and pointed end (red). Credit: Vilmos Zsolnay, University […]

Inequality in medieval Cambridge was ‘recorded on the bones’ of its residents

The remains of an individual buried in the Augustinian friary, taken during the 2016 excavation on the University of Cambridge’s New Museums site. Credit: Nick Saffell Social inequality was “recorded on the bones” of Cambridge’s medieval residents, according to a new study of hundreds of human remains excavated from three very different burial sites within […]

Why do dogs bury bones?

Chewing bones is a favorite pastime of dogs. If a bone is very beloved, the dog might even bury it. To humans, this behavior may seem odd, so why do dogs invest so much energy in burying their prized possessions? “The reason why a dog buries something is to save it for later,” Teoti Anderson, […]

Historic snowfall chills Madrid slum to the bones

Days after its heaviest snowfall in 50 years, Madrid woke to its lowest temperatures in decades “We’re not animals but dogs live better than us,” sighs Lidia Arribas, who lives without electricity in a vast slum near Madrid where temperatures hit historic lows this week. Days after its heaviest snowfall in 50 years, Madrid woke […]

Child’s bones buried 40,000 years ago solve long-standing Neanderthal mystery

We don’t know whether it was a boy or a girl. But this ancient child, a Neanderthal, only made it to about two years of age. This short life, lived about 41,000 years ago, was uncovered at a famous archaeological site in southwestern France, called La Ferrassie. The remains of several Neanderthals have been found there, […]

Unburied victims’ bones reveal an Iron Age massacre in Iberia

Attacked from behind and at times dismembered, the fallen residents of an ancient Iberian village add to evidence that prehistoric Europe was a violent place. Violence in ancient Europe isn’t unheard of, with some unearthed massacres attributed to power struggles after the fall of the Roman Empire around 1,500 years ago (SN: 4/25/18). But a […]