Bionic idea boosts lithium-ion extraction

IMAGE: Metal ion sieving using a bioinspired nanochannel membrane view more  Credit: XIN Weiwen Lithium is an energy-critical element that is considered to be a geopolitically significant resource. However, the supply of lithium may not be enough to meet continuously increasing demand. As a result, scientists are looking for new ways to extract lithium ions. Ion […]

A step toward understanding why COVID-19 boosts stroke risk

IMAGE: A UCLA-led study may help explain how COVID-19 increases the risk for stroke. Scientists made the finding by running fluid spiked with a COVID-19-like protein through a 3D-printed model of… view more  Credit: UCLA Health A UCLA-led study may help explain how COVID-19 increases the risk for stroke. Scientists made the finding by running fluid […]

Vitamin boosts essential synthetic chemistry — ScienceDaily

Inspired by light-sensing bacteria that thrive near hot oceanic vents, synthetic chemists at Rice University have found a mild method to make valuable hydrocarbons known as olefins, or alkenes. Like the bacteria, the researchers use vitamin B12, eliminating harsh chemicals typically needed to make precursor molecules essential to the manufacture of drugs and agrochemicals. The […]

Egypt’s Siwa fortress renovation boosts hopes for ecotourism

The 13th century edifice, called ‘Shali’ or ‘home’ in the local Siwi language, was built by Berber populations Tucked away in Egypt’s Western Desert, the Shali fortress once protected inhabitants against the incursions of wandering tribes, but now there are hopes its renovation will attract ecotourists. The 13th-century edifice, called “Shali” or “home” in the […]

Teff grain boosts stomach microbiome health — ScienceDaily

The seeds of a teff plant — which look similar to wheat — are tiny in stature, but they pack a nutritional wallop. Relatively new to the U.S., teff has long been a superfood in East African — specifically Ethiopia — as a staple food crop rich in fiber. Cornell University food scientists, led by […]

Japan carbon pledge boosts hopes of ammonia backers

Ammonia is already made on a massive scale and exported throughout the world to make fertiliser Japan’s pledge to become carbon-neutral by 2050 is offering hope to industry heavyweights pushing ammonia as the fuel of the future—but critics say the corrosive gas is still far from a clear-cut clean energy. Burning ammonia, unlike fossil fuels, […]

Austria boosts climate spending despite virus hit

Austrian Environment Minister Leonore Gewessler, pictured April 2020, hailed the budget for greening the country’s rail network as the “biggest rail package Austria has ever seen” Austria will devote 17 billion euros ($20bn) to greening its rail network despite a historic budget deficit caused by the coronavirus pandemic, the government announced Wednesday in its 2021 […]