Watch a bright fireball explode over the Tasman Sea (video)

A bright green meteor streaked across the southern coast of Tasmania, Australia, and researchers caught the fireball on camera as it broke up over the ocean.  The meteor lit up the night sky on Wednesday (Nov. 18) at 9:21 p.m. local Tasmanian time (5:21 a.m. EST and 1021 GMT). A livestream camera on the research […]

This ‘kilonova’ shines so bright, it defies the odds

An artist’s representation of the kilonova spotted by telescopes like Hubble. Kilonovas are as much as 1,000 times brighter than typical novas. (NASA, ESA, and D. Player (STScI)/) Back in May, astronomers noted an overwhelming pulse in gamma rays on a variety of instruments. Intrigued, they scrambled to train telescopes toward the source. Their hustle […]