Brown tree snakes use their tails as lassos to climb wide trees

Brown tree snake

Snakes do a lot more than slither. Some swim, while others sidewind across sand (SN: 10/9/14). Some snakes even fly (SN: 6/29/20). But no one has ever seen a snake move the way that brown tree snakes do when they climb certain trees. By wrapping its tail around a tree or pole in a lasso-like […]

Masonic Medical Research Institute studies brown fat: Implications in obesity

IMAGE: The Lin Lab at the MMRI, quantified the number of brown fat cells present in newborn animals. For years, researchers have argued over whether brown fat continues to grow after… view more  Credit: Masonic Medical Research Institute UTICA, NY — Brown fat, also known as brown adipose tissue, is a special type of fat that […]

Brown carbon ‘tarballs’ detected in Himalayan atmosphere

Credit: American Chemical Society Some people refer to the Himalaya-Tibetan Plateau as the “third pole” because the region has the largest reserve of glacial snow and ice outside of the north and south poles. The glaciers, which are extremely sensitive to climate change and human influence, have been retreating over the past decade. Now, researchers […]