Experts call for more pragmatic approach to higher education teaching

A university lecture but could the standard of teaching be improved if a different approach was taken by educators? Credit: Swansea University Millions of students around the world could benefit if their educators adopted a more flexible and practical approach, say Swansea University experts. After analyzing the techniques current being used in higher education, the […]

What is surgical smoke and what can be done about it? Researchers call for policies and laws mandating the evacuation of surgical smoke from operating rooms — ScienceDaily

If you’ve ever been in an operating room where tools are used to simultaneously cut and cauterize human flesh, you know what surgical smoke is. The heat generated by these surgical tools produces vapors made up of aerosolized chemicals and substances that can be hazardous to health. Two new papers led by researchers in the […]

Researchers call for clarity on the definition of medicine misuse

Medicine misuse is a public health issue, but the term has different meanings to people in different settings. A recent analysis of published studies provides a comprehensive overview of the terms and definitions used to characterize medicine misuse. The findings are published in the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology. Among 51 relevant studies, there were […]

ECDC and WHO call for improved HIV testing in Europe

IMAGE: Sex between men remains the predominant mode of HIV transmission reported in the EU/EEA, accounting for 39% (9 598) of all new HIV diagnoses in 2019 and more than half… view more  Credit: ECDC The number of people living with undiagnosed HIV is increasing in the WHO European Region. According to data published today by […]

Call for a National Covid-19 Resilience Programme to keep older people healthy and resilient

Public health agencies across the UK should launch a National Covid-19 Resilience Programme to support older people through the pandemic and to keep them healthy and resilient over the winter – that’s the recommendation from a leading group of scientists and clinicians working in the fields of physiology, nutrition and physiotherapy. The recommendation will be […]

Scientists call for serious study of ‘unidentified aerial phenomena’

The U.S. Navy recently admitted that, indeed, strangely behaving objects caught on video by jet pilots over the years are genuine head-scratchers. There are eyewitness accounts not only from pilots but from radar operators and technicians, too.  In August, the Navy established an Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP) Task Force to investigate the nature and origin […]

COVID-19: A wake-up call for biosafety – Independent Science News

Coronavirus in the blood

by Jonathan Matthews of GMWatch Like many of our readers, we may be sheltering-in-place, but please don’t think we’re taking our eye off the ball. Although other issues may not seem so important at the moment, the COVID-19 virus will subside one day, yet we will still be facing huge threats such as the so-called […]