Very Good Space Boys: Robotic Dogs May Dig Into Martian Caves

A pack of four-legged robotic dogs may rove across regions of the rugged Martian landscape never reached before. Known as “Mars Dogs,” the robots are designed to explore deep lava tube caves on the Red Planet to search for evidence of past or existing life—as well as potential sites for building future human […]

Robot dogs could someday explore deep caves on Mars

Mars exploration is going to the dogs. The robot dogs, that is. Scientists are equipping four-legged, animal-mimicking robots with artificial intelligence (AI) and an array of sensing equipment to help the bots autonomously navigate treacherous terrain and subsurface caves on the Red Planet.  In a presentation on Dec. 14 at the annual meeting of the […]

Look inside the hidden world of Earth’s most beautiful caves

Formed by millennia of rain trickling through bedrock and ice, these recesses act as time capsules for anthropologists, biologists, and climatologists, who search them for precious remnants of life predating even the dinosaurs. Today, caving also attracts nyctophiles seeking calm darkness and self-trained cartographers looking to draw a more complete picture of the planet’s past […]