The best heated chairs for pain relief and maximum comfort

For those who find sitting for any period of time unbearable, heated chairs could be the fix. Heat dilates blood vessels that surround the lumbar region of your spine, increasing the flow of oxygen to your back muscles and stimulating sensory receptors in your skin to help heal damaged tissue and relieve discomfort. Whether you’re […]

Great office chairs to stop the slump and create comfort

True comfort during and after work hours. (Jeff Sheldon via Unsplash/) Whether you work from home or go into the office daily, you know how important it is to have a desk chair you can rely on. When you are sitting for hours at a time, you need something that gives you a ton of […]

The best reclining chairs for your living room

Lean back. (Fran Hogan via Unsplash/) There’s a reason the reclining armchair is pop culture shorthand for “comfort.” You settle in, lean back, raise your feet—it’s what life is all about. Whether as the ultimate movie watching command center, a cozy reading nook, or a full-on nap spot, these chairs offer a lot of living […]