Beyond changing DNA itself, mutagens also cause errors in gene transcription

Assistant Professor Marc Vermulst. Credit: USC/Stephanie Kleinman Exposure to mutagens, or mutation-causing agents, can not only bring about changes in DNA but also appear to induce errors when genes are transcribed to make proteins, which may be an important factor in age-related diseases. USC Leonard Davis School of Gerontology Assistant Professor Marc Vermulst and colleagues […]

How the spread of the internet is changing migration

Credit: CC0 Public Domain The spread of the Internet is shaping migration in profound ways. A McGill-led study of over 150 countries links Internet penetration with migration intentions and behaviours, suggesting that digital connectivity plays a key role in migration decisions and actively supports the migration process. Countries with higher proportions of Internet users tend […]

Autophagy helps cells adapt to changing conditions — ScienceDaily

Cells must utilize nutrient resources as efficiently as possible in order to ensure survival. This involves an intricate balance between the synthesis and degradation of cellular components, the latter of which can be used to liberate metabolites from unneeded components during periods of stress. Autophagy is a key intracellular degradation pathway that is triggered under […]

Antarctica in a Changing Climate

Understanding how the Antarctic Ice Sheet will respond to anthropogenic climate change is not a straightforward problem, but accurate projections are required to help societies prepare for impacts such as sea level rise. This requires knowledge of which areas of Antarctica will retreat, as well as the duration and rates of change, which […]

Advancing Knowledge of ENSO in a Changing Climate

The El Niño Southern Oscillation (ENSO) is a year-to-year fluctuation of the coupled ocean-atmosphere system that originates in the tropical Pacific. Warm El Niño and cold La Niña phases of ENSO alter atmospheric and oceanic circulation, weather patterns, and extreme events, affecting human and natural systems around the world. ENSO variability and its […]

Greenland ice melt is changing the shape of its coastline

Rapid melt is reshaping coastal Greenland, potentially altering the human and animal ecosystems along the country’s coast.  New research published in the Journal of Geophysical Research: Earth Surface on Oct. 27 finds that the ice retreat in Greenland has changed the way glaciers flow and where they dump into the sea. These changes could impact […]