Studying chaos with one of the world’s fastest cameras

A video recorded with a camera shooting at one billion frames per second shows how two pulses of laser light take differing paths while reflecting within a chaotic optical cavity. Credit: Caltech There are things in life that can be predicted reasonably well. The tides rise and fall. The moon waxes and wanes. A billiard […]

Deadly snowstorms cause chaos across Spain

Firefighters helped by the army, freed hundreds of motorists overnight Snowstorms across much of Spain left three people dead and caused chaos across much of the country, trapping motorists and closing the capital’s air and rail links, with more falls to come Saturday. On Friday, Madrid experienced its heaviest snowfalls since 1971 after what the […]

Invisible ‘arches of chaos’ span the solar system

A vast network of invisible energy structures have been discovered in the solar system — a celestial superhighway that future space probes might use to explore far-away corners of solar space. These hidden energy structures, called manifolds, emerge in space-time due to the gravitational interaction of massive objects like the planets, said Nataša Todorović, a […]

The cost of chaos: If we can’t control quantity, we’d better control quality

Freeness of scientific literature is undeniably a highly desirable concept, but it is accompanied by a responsibility that we have not yet structurally realized. Image credit: Pixabay In a recent editorial in BioEssays, the epidemic of bogus papers originating from so-called “paper mills” was analyzed. In that piece, I proposed a model to explain how […]