Detecting trace amounts of multiple classes of antibiotics in foods

Widespread use of antibiotics in human healthcare and livestock husbandry has led to trace amounts of the drugs ending up in food products. Long-term consumption could cause health problems, but it’s been difficult to analyze more than a few antibiotics at a time because they have different chemical properties. Now, researchers reporting in ACS’ Journal […]

Multicultural cooking classes offer up something tasty on Zoom

League of Kitchens instructor Mab Abbasgholizadeh teaches her students how to make classic Persian dishes, including crispy <a href=””>tahdig rice</a>. (Courtesy League of Kitchens /) This story originally featured on Saveur. Sunday afternoon on the internet, League of Kitchens instructor extraordinaire Mab Abbasgholizadeh was teaching us how to make baghali ghatogh—a Persian dish of beans, […]