Chemical memory in plants affects chances of offspring survival

IMAGE: Thale Cress grown without inherited memories (left) and grown with the memories (right) view more  Credit: University of Warwick Plants have the unique capability to sense and adapt to changes in their environment This information is stored in the form of ‘epigenetic memory’ which can be passed on to the offspring, resulting in defects […]

Effect of climate change on infectious diseases unknown to half of the population

The transmission of specific infectious diseases have been altered by processes linked to climatic and environmental anomalies. An increase in infectious outbreaks is expected to be seen in mild climates due to global warming, and the alterations in climate patterns, such as El Niño, are modifying the presence, density, strength and dynamics of transmission of […]

New modified wheat could help tackle global food shortage

Researchers at the University of York have created a new modified wheat variety that increases grain production by up to 12%. Wheat is one of the most important food crops in the world, providing 20% of human calories; with ever increasing global food demand, increasing crop yield is critically important. Wheat breeders work hard to […]

Using a soft crystal to visualize how absorbed carbon dioxide behaves in liquid

IMAGE: The CO2-absorbing soft crystal developed for this study (Photo: Shin-ichiro Noro). view more  Credit: Shin-ichiro Noro A team of scientists has succeeded in visualizing how carbon dioxide (CO2) behaves in an ionic liquid that selectively absorbs CO2. The finding is expected to help develop more efficient methods to capture CO2 in the atmosphere, one of […]

Minimal waste production is a fundamental law for animal locomotion

Is there a unifying principle underpinning animal locomotion in its rich diversity? A thermodynamic analysis performed by a Skoltech professor and his French collaborators at Université Paris Diderot, Université Paris Saclay, and the Muséum national d’Histoire Naturelle, shows why and how waste minimization prevails on efficiency or power maximization when it comes to free locomotion […]

Irreversible hotter and drier climate over inner East Asia

IMAGE: Tree-ring data from Siberian larch and other tree species show that heatwaves and soil drying of the Mongolian Plateau have accelerated in the past two decades. The region’s climate regime… view more  Credit: Ken Shono, Unsplash Mongolia’s semi-arid plateau may soon become as barren as parts of the American Southwest due to a “vicious cycle” […]

Satellite images confirm uneven impact of climate change

University of Copenhagen researchers have been following vegetation trends across the planet’s driest areas using satellite imagery from recent decades. They have identified a troubling trend: Too little vegetation is sprouting up from rainwater in developing nations, whereas things are headed in the opposite direction in wealthier ones. As a result, the future could see […]

Evidence of the interconnectedness of global climate

IMAGE: An iceberg in the central Scotia Sea in 2019. view more  Credit: Thomas Ronge To see how deeply interconnected the planet truly is look no further than the massive ice sheets on the Northern Hemisphere and South Pole. Thousands of kilometers apart, they are hardly next-door neighbors, but according to new research from a team […]

In fire-prone West, plants need their pollinators — and vice versa

IMAGE: Fireweed (Chamerion angustifolium) blooms in Yellowstone National Park, Montana. New research highlights the importance of plant-pollinator interactions in restoring ecosystems in which natural wildfire regimes have been altered or suppressed… view more  Credit: Jonathan Myers, Washington University in St. Louis 2020 is the worst fire year on record in the United States, with nearly 13 […]