Top 10 insights in climate science in 2020 selected by 57 leading global researchers

STOCKHOLM: With impacts from climate change threatening to be as abrupt and far-reaching in the coming years as the current pandemic, leading scientists have released a compilation of the 10 most important insights on the climate from the last year to help inform collective action on the ongoing climate crisis. In a report presented today […]

Climate and carbon cycle trends of the past 50 million years reconciled

IMAGE: Cleveland Volcano, Aleutian Islands eruption in 2006. Volcanism is one of the main carbon dioxide sources in the long-term carbon cycle balanced by weathering sinks, which, among others, represent important… view more  Credit: NASA image courtesy Jeff Williams Predictions of future climate change require a clear and nuanced understanding of Earth’s past climate. In a […]

A new archaeology for the Anthropocene era

IMAGE: Archaeological studies of low-density, agrarian-based cities such as ancient Angkor Wat in Cambodia are increasingly being used to inform the development of more sustainable urban centres in the future…. view more  Credit: Alison Crowther Indiana Jones and Lara Croft have a lot to answer for. Public perceptions of archaeology are often thoroughly outdated, and these […]

Climate impacts on health and urban areas: Heatwaves and death rate

Over the last half-century, the probability of heat extreme events has changed by orders of magnitude in almost every region of the world, with occurrences that are now up to a hundred times more in respect to a century ago. Of all-natural disasters, extreme high temperature events are the main cause of weather-related mortality and […]

Changing resilience of oceans to climate change

Oxygen levels in the ancient oceans were surprisingly resilient to climate change, new research suggests. Scientists used geological samples to estimate ocean oxygen during a period of global warming 56 million years ago – and found “limited expansion” of seafloor anoxia (absence of oxygen). Global warming – both past and present – depletes ocean oxygen, […]

Upper ocean temperatures hit record high in 2020

IMAGE: Fishing boats amidst “Arctic sea smoke ” near Qingdao, China on January 7th. Arctic sea smoke is a result of frigid air passing over relatively warm water; the phenomenon is rare,… view more  Credit: Shaoqing Wang Even with the COVID-19-related small dip in global carbon emissions due to limited travel and other activities, the ocean […]

Positive ‘tipping points’ offer hope for climate

Positive “tipping points” could spark cascading changes that accelerate action on climate change, experts say. A tipping point is a moment when a small change triggers a large, often irreversible, response. Professor Tim Lenton, Director of the Global Systems Institute (GSI) at the University of Exeter, has previously warned the world is “dangerously close” […]

Scientists find the error source of a sea-ice model varies with the season

IMAGE: Schematic diagram of the sea-ice simulation error sources of a regional configuration of MITgcm. view more  Credit: Yue Sun Arctic sea ice has been rapidly declining in recent decades, and changes in arctic sea ice can have a significant impact on global weather and climate through interactions with the atmosphere and oceans. In addition, the […]

Largest study of Asia’s rivers unearths 800 years of paleoclimate patterns

IMAGE: Map of the Asian Monsoon region; river basins involved in this study are highlighted by subregion, rivers belonging to the world’s 30 biggest are shown with names indicated in blue…. view more  Credit: SUTD 813 years of annual river discharge at 62 stations, 41 rivers in 16 countries, from 1200 to 2012. That is what […]