Nail polish organizers to keep your collection in check

These shelves from Makartt are simple, crisp, and clean. They will add a new level of professionalism and organization to any manicure space, including your bedroom. Each set comes with 3 shelves that can be mounted individually and measure 15 inches long and 1.5 inches wide. You can fit roughly 10 or 11 bottles of […]

CIA releases entire collection of UFO-related documents to truth-seeking website

More than three decades’ worth of government UFO records are now yours to download and peruse, thanks to the efforts of some intrepid truth-seekers. The massive data dump includes more than 2,700 pages of UFO-related documents declassified by the CIA since the 1980s. (The U.S. government also calls them “unidentified aerial phenomena, or UAP). According […]

Special Collection on Open Collaboration Across Geosciences

The way we do science is continually changing. Now there is greater collaboration across disciplines and expansion in open science approaches throughout the research lifecycle (see figure below). While some fields are benefitting from growth and change, others are slow-moving to capitalize on new opportunities. Designing Open Science into all aspects of the […]

Remarkable new species of snake found hidden in a biodiversity collection

IMAGE: Jeff Weinell, a KU graduate research assistant at the Biodiversity Institute, is lead author of a paper describing Waray Dwarf Burrowing Snake as both a new genus and a new… view more  Credit: University of Kansas LAWRENCE — To be fair, the newly described Waray Dwarf Burrowing Snake (Levitonius mirus) is pretty great at hiding. […]

Melting ice patch in Norway reveals large collection of ancient arrows

An arrow from c. AD 700 as it was found lying on the stones in the scree, close to the melting ice. Credit: Innlandet Fylkeskommune A team of researchers affiliated with a host of institutions in Norway and one in the U.K., has unveiled their findings after collecting and studying a very large number of […]

LIGO and Virgo reveal a huge collection of gravitational waves

Earth is awash in gravitational waves. Over a six-month period, scientists captured a bounty of 39 sets of gravitational waves. The waves, which stretch and squeeze the fabric of spacetime, were caused by violent events such as the melding of two black holes into one. The haul was reported by scientists with the LIGO and […]