Feral colonies provide clues for enhancing honey bee tolerance to pathogens

IMAGE: Feral honey bees gather at the entrance to their nest in an abandoned shed in Harrison Valley, Pennsylvania. Researchers have found that such feral colonies may have higher tolerance to… view more  Credit: Katy Evans, Penn State Understanding the genetic and environmental factors that enable some feral honey bee colonies to tolerate pathogens and survive […]

How dangerous bacteria form colonies

The bacterial species Neisseria gonorrhoeae, pathogen of the sexually transmitted disease gonorrhoea, forms large colonies within a few hours, which consist of several thousand cells. Credit: Nicolas Biais / Brooklyn College It can be observed every time you take a shower: Small droplets of water join together to form larger and larger drops—until they are […]

Multi-drone system autonomously surveys penguin colonies — ScienceDaily

Stanford University researcher Mac Schwager entered the world of penguin counting through a chance meeting at his sister-in-law’s wedding in June 2016. There, he learned that Annie Schmidt, a biologist at Point Blue Conservation Science, was seeking a better way to image a large penguin colony in Antarctica. Schwager, who is an assistant professor of […]

Naked mole-rats invade neighboring colonies and steal babies

Naked mole-rats — with their subterranean societies made up of a single breeding pair and an army of workers — seem like mammals trying their hardest to live like insects. Nearly 300 of the bald, bucktoothed, nearly blind rodents can scoot along a colony’s labyrinth of tunnels. New research suggests there’s brute power in those […]