Scientists publish a complete overview of sulfonimide dendrimers

Credit: Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology A research team from the Skoltech Center for Design, Manufacturing and Materials (CDMM) has prepared a comprehensive overview of research on a family of sulfonimide dendrimers that holds promise for optics, photonics, and surface functionalization of materials. The paper, titled “Sulfonimide-Based Dendrimers: Progress in Synthesis, Characterization, and Potential […]

Scientists complete yearlong pulsar timing study after reviving dormant radio telescopes

While the scientific community grapples with the loss of the Arecibo radio telescope, astronomers who recently revived a long-dormant radio telescope array in Argentina hope it can help modestly compensate for the work Arecibo did in pulsar timing. Last year, scientists at Rochester Institute of Technology and the Instituto Argentino de Radioastronomi­a (IAR) began a […]

Model describes complete movement planning in the brain — ScienceDaily

Every day we effortlessly make countless grasping movements. We take a key in our hand, open the front door by operating the door handle, then pull it closed from the outside and lock it with the key. What is a natural matter for us is based on a complex interaction of our eyes, different regions […]