How to completely customize the way you control Windows

You thought these guys were your only options to control Windows? Think again. (Guillaume Issaly/Unsplash/) Just because you’ve always used your keyboard and your mouse to interact with your Windows computer, it doesn’t mean this is necessarily the best way to get stuff done. Microsoft’s OS provides a host of options when it comes to […]

How one Turkish astronomer discovered a completely new kind of galaxy

Burçin Mutlu-Pakdil currently conducts astronomy and astrophysics research at the University of Chicago. (Science Friday/) Breakthrough is a short film anthology and educational outreach program from the Science Friday Initiative and Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) Tangled Bank Studios. This short documentary series follows women working at the forefront of their scientific field, blending deeply […]

Antiretroviral therapy can’t completely stop accelerated cell aging seen in HIV

FINDINGS Untreated HIV infection is linked with epigenetic changes that suggest rapid aging. A new study by UCLA researchers shows that antiretroviral therapy given over two years was unable to completely restore age-appropriate epigenetic patterns, leaving patients more susceptible to aging-related illnesses. BACKGROUND This is the first longitudinal study conducted to investigate the contribution of […]

Jewelry organizers that will completely transform your vanity

It’s easy for your necklaces, earrings, and rings to turn into a tangled, jumbled mess. That’s where jewelry organizers come in. Choose between compact cases, portable cabinets, and individual trays, all designed to keep your delicate pieces safe and separated. You’ll finally be able to find the bottom of your vanity and maybe even locate […]