Does free will actually exist? It’s complicated.

Modern investigators like Uri Maoz, a computational neuroscientist at Chapman University, are instead tackling the quandary with data. If a supercomputer knows everything about us (from life goals to favorite ice cream) and every decision we make (including instinctual ones happening since birth) influences the next, then a machine could spit out the most likely […]

Our Food Systems Are Complicated. Food Data Don’t Have to Be

At a time when half of the fresh fruit purchased in the United States comes from other countries and sandwiches have carbon footprints, today’s food landscape is giving some consumers more options. Yet this bounty of choices remains unavailable to many, and it comes with environmental costs. The webs of agricultural and commercial […]

Can we safely burn waste to make fuel like they do in Denmark? Well, it’s complicated

by Thomas Cole-Hunter, Ana Porta Cubas, Christina Magill and Christine Cowie, The Conversation The Amager Bakke power plant in Copenhagen, Denmark. Credit: Shutterstock When it comes to handling the waste crisis in Australia, options are limited: we either export our waste or bury it. But to achieve current national targets, policy-makers are increasingly asking if […]

The “Complicated” Complexity of Solar Storms

The damaging effects of storms, from flooding caused by heavy rain or storm surges to strong winds knocking trees to the ground, are familiar to most people. Fewer, however, are aware of the hazards of solar storms, though these events can disrupt radio communications, knock out electrical power, and damage satellites. With our […]

Biggest Risk to Surface Water After a Wildfire? It’s Complicated

California’s CZU Lightning Complex Fire is 100% contained, but it’s still smoldering almost 2 months after it started and people were evacuated. For those residents of Santa Cruz County who returned to find their homes still standing, the sense of relief soon turned back to anxiety as they received mixed messages about how […]