Ripples in space-time could provide clues to missing components of the universe

An illustration of waves blending and creating a distinct new signature. Credit: Ezquiaga and Zumalácarregui There’s something a little off about our theory of the universe. Almost everything fits, but there’s a fly in the cosmic ointment, a particle of sand in the infinite sandwich. Some scientists think the culprit might be gravity—and that subtle ripples […]

Novel glass materials made from organic and inorganic components

IMAGE: Dr Courtney Calahoo from the University of Jena presents organic glass (l.) and inorganic glass (r.) – two starting materials for the new composite glass. view more  Credit: Image: Jens Meyer/University of Jena Cambridge/Jena (16.11.2020) Linkages between organic and inorganic materials are a common phenomenon in nature, e.g., in the construction of bones and skeletal […]