Clinical criteria for diagnosing autism inadequate for people with genetic conditions

People with certain genetic conditions are likely to have significant symptoms of autism, even if they do not meet all diagnostic criteria, a study concludes. Researchers at Cardiff University say their findings show clinical services need to adapt so that people diagnosed with autism-linked genetic conditions are not denied access to vital support and interventions. […]

People in rural areas less likely to receive specialty care for neurologic conditions

MINNEAPOLIS – A new study has found that while the prevalence of neurologic conditions like dementia, stroke, Parkinson’s disease and multiple sclerosis (MS) is consistent across the U.S., the distribution of neurologists is not, and people in more rural areas may be less likely to receive specialty care for certain neurologic conditions. The study, funded […]

Autophagy helps cells adapt to changing conditions — ScienceDaily

Cells must utilize nutrient resources as efficiently as possible in order to ensure survival. This involves an intricate balance between the synthesis and degradation of cellular components, the latter of which can be used to liberate metabolites from unneeded components during periods of stress. Autophagy is a key intracellular degradation pathway that is triggered under […]

Identifying primordial ripples would be key to understanding the conditions of the early universe — ScienceDaily

In the moments immediately following the Big Bang, the very first gravitational waves rang out. The product of quantum fluctuations in the new soup of primordial matter, these earliest ripples through the fabric of space-time were quickly amplified by inflationary processes that drove the universe to explosively expand. Primordial gravitational waves, produced nearly 13.8 billion […]

Autonomous Minisubmarine Measures Seawater Conditions

Since the Industrial Revolution began in the mid-18th century, Earth’s oceans have absorbed about one third of the carbon dioxide emitted through human activities. The ensuing roughly 30% increase in ocean acidity has reduced the amount of carbonate available for calcifying organisms such as corals and oysters to construct their skeletons and shells. […]

Antibiotic exposure in children under age 2 associated with chronic conditions

Children under age 2 who take antibiotics are at greater risk for childhood-onset asthma, respiratory allergies, eczema, celiac disease, obesity and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, according to a paper written jointly by Mayo Clinic and Rutgers researchers. In a study published in the journal Mayo Clinic Proceedings, the researchers looked at 14,572 children born in […]

Six health conditions a smartwatch can detect before you can

Your smartwatch can tell you more than you might think. (Sabina/Unsplash/) Smartwatches started out as a shortcut to check your messages and alerts without pulling your phone out, but they’ve evolved to become so much more. Now, when you attach a wearable to your wrist, you’re not only carrying an extension of your phone, but […]