Building a corn cob; cell by cell, gene by gene — ScienceDaily

Corn hasn’t always been the sweet, juicy delight that we know today. And, without adapting to a rapidly changing climate, it is at risk of losing its place as a food staple. Putting together a plant is a genetic puzzle, with hundreds of genes working together as it grows. Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (CSHL) Professor […]

New study compiles four years of corn loss data from 26 states and Ontario, Canada

Daren Mueller in corn field. Credit: Brandon Kleinke Plant pathologists working at universities across 26 corn-producing states in the United States and in Ontario, Canada, compiled data about annual corn reductions caused by diseases. Estimated loss from each disease varied greatly by region. “This group of plant pathologists takes a step back to estimate what […]

Corn Syrup Reveals How Bubbles Affect Lava’s Flow

In the summer of 2018, an eruption on the flanks of the active volcano Kīlauea in Hawaii sent lava flowing through the Puna district toward Kapoho Bay. The relentless threat from wide channels of molten rock forced about 2,000 residents to evacuate. By the end of the eruption, 24 people were injured, 716 […]

Omega-3 fatty acids vs corn oil, major adverse cardiovascular events in patients at high risk

What The Study Did: This randomized trial examines the effects on cardiovascular outcomes of a carboxylic acid formulation of EPA and DHA (omega-3 CA) with documented favorable effects on lipid and inflammatory markers in patients with atherogenic dyslipidemia and high cardiovascular risk. Authors: Steven E. Nissen, M.D.,of the Cleveland Clinic Heart and Vascular Institute in Cleveland, […]