Trace fossil reveals more about this ancient creature’s behavior — ScienceDaily

Simon Fraser University researchers have found evidence that large ambush-predatory worms — some as long as two metres — roamed the ocean floor near Taiwan over 20 million years ago. The finding, published today in the journal Scientific Reports, is the result of reconstructing an unusual trace fossil that they identified as a burrow of […]

ATLAS project finds 12 new species of sea creatures

Cold-water corals and seastars. Credit: IFREMER / ATLAS project Researchers working with the ATLAS project have reported to the press that they have found 12 new species of sea creatures new to science. The EU funded undersea project has been ongoing for five years and has carried out 45 research expeditions that involved the work […]

Incredible vision in ancient marine creatures drove an evolutionary arms race

An artist’s reconstruction of ‘Anomalocaris’ briggsi swimming within the twilight zone. Credit: Katrina Kenny Ancient deep sea creatures called radiodonts had incredible vision that likely drove an evolutionary arms race according to new research published today. The international study, led by Professor John Paterson from the University of New England’s Palaeoscience Research Center, in collaboration […]

Scientists are tracking down deep sea creatures with free-floating DNA

Environmental DNA (eDNA) metabarcoding, involves sequencing samples of seawater that contain pieces of genetic code shed by organisms to get a sense of population density and species variety in the ocean. (Pixabay/) NASA is planning a new crewed trip to the Moon, but there’s somewhere almost equally mysterious here on Earth that scientists are working […]