Dutch cull 190,000 chickens after bird flu outbreaks

Credit: CC0 Public Domain Dutch authorities have culled some 190,000 chickens after a highly-contagious strain of bird flu broke out at at least two poultry farms, the agriculture ministry said Sunday. Health workers slaughtered around 100,000 hens at a poultry farm at Hekendorp outside Gouda while 90,000 chicks were culled at Witmarsum, in northern Friesland. […]

Denmark to cull all farmed mink to stop coronavirus outbreaks

Denmark, the world’s largest producer of mink, will cull all farmed mink in the country to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection, both between the animals and to their human handlers, Danish authorities announced Wednesday (Nov. 4). There are currently more than 15 million mink being raised at more than 1,000 farms in Denmark, The […]

Dutch cull 215,000 chickens after bird flu detected

Credit: CC0 Public Domain Dutch health workers have culled some 215,000 chickens after an outbreak of a highly-contagious strain of bird flu was detected on a farm in the country’s southeast, agricultural authorities said Thursday. “Bird flu was detected at a poultry farm specialising in battery hens,” at Puiflijk, about 20 kilometres (12.5 miles) northwest […]