Researcher uses machine learning to demonstrate that DNA impacts cancer risk

Lifestyle, or put another way ‘bad habits’, is one of the textbook explanations for why some people are at higher risk for cancer. We often hear that smoking increases our risk of developing lung cancer or that a high-fat diet increases our risk of developing bowel cancer, but not all smokers get lung cancer and […]

Researchers demonstrate nondestructive mid-infrared imaging using entangled photons

Researchers used entangled photons to increase the penetration depth of OCT for scattering materials. They demonstrated the technique by analyzing two alumina ceramic stacks containing laser-milled microchannels. The mid-infrared illumination allowed the researchers to capture depth information and to create a full 3D reconstruction of the channel structures (pictured). Credit: Aron Vanselow and Sven Ramelow, […]

Preclinical studies demonstrate new ways to stop bleeding

A new blood-derived embolic material with regenerative properties stops bleeding instantly, even in cases of impaired coagulation. Uncontrolled bleeding is an emergency for patients taking drugs that prevent their blood from clotting. For some, standard interventions work, such as inserting metal coils above the area that’s bleeding. For others, the situation is more complicated. “I […]

Researchers demonstrate a superconductor previously thought impossible

Polarized light images show researchers how electrons, represented by red crosses, in their test samples behave under different circumstances. Credit: © 2020 Okazaki et al. Superconductivity is a phenomenon in which an electric circuit loses its resistance and becomes extremely efficient under certain conditions. There are different ways in which this can happen, which were […]