Integrated anemia-SCD test demonstrates accurate results in study at 2020 ASH meeting

Researchers from Case Western Reserve University presented research today in which Hemex Health’s Gazelle platform diagnostic technology successfully tested 46 patients with 100% sensitivity and over 92.3% specificity for anemia and with 100% accuracy for hemoglobin variants. The preliminary study included blood samples collected from Cleveland-area patients studied for anemia and sickle cell disease. The […]

Synthesis study demonstrates phytoplankton can bloom below Arctic sea ice

IMAGE: Optical measurement of a melt pond view more  Credit: Pierre Coupel Small photosynthetic marine algae are a key component of the Arctic marine ecosystem but their role for the ecology of the Arctic Ocean have been underestimated for decades. That’s the conclusion of a team of scientists who synthesized more than half a century of […]

Research demonstrates a molecular dance that keeps your heart beating

IMAGE: A microscope photograph of a heart muscle cell. The regular green patterns show stained actin filaments. view more  Credit: WSU It might look like a little game at the molecular scale. Filament-like proteins in heart muscle cells have to be exactly the same length so that they can coordinate perfectly to make the heart beat. […]