Implantable device can monitor and treat heart disease — ScienceDaily

Pacemakers and other implantable cardiac devices used to monitor and treat arrhythmias and other heart problems have generally had one of two drawbacks — they are made with rigid materials that can’t move to accommodate a beating heart, or they are made from soft materials that can collect only a limited amount of information. Researchers […]

A new device with unique functionality could signal a new design philosophy for electronics

Multimodal thin-film transistors, or MMTs, could be pivotal in designing the next-generation of wearables and eco-disposable sensors. Image credit: Radu Sporea, University of Surrey In a study published in Advanced Intelligent Systems, researchers from the University of Surrey and University of Rennes detail how their device, called the multimodal thin-film transistor (MMT), overcomes long-standing challenges and […]

Hand-held device reads levels of cancer biomarker

Canadian researchers create technology that reads cancer biomarker like a blood-sugar monitor. Easy-to-use device paired with a smartphone allows cancer patients to read levels of a critical biomarker in their own blood. Image credit: Georgia Kirkos, McMaster University Researchers at McMaster and Brock universities have created the prototype for a hand-held device to measure a […]