Trees That Live Fast, Die Young, and Mess with Climate Models

Under a business-as-usual scenario of greenhouse gas emissions, the average global temperature may increase by almost 5°C through the end of the century. This climate change could cause a 1-meter increase in sea levels, possibly wreaking havoc on coastal regions and demanding hundreds of billions of dollars every year in adaptation and mitigation […]

Women who develop the condition are more likely to die than men — ScienceDaily

The wealthiest countries in Europe have higher death rates from atrial fibrillation than the least wealthy and these death rates are increasing more rapidly than incidence rates, according to the first analysis of its kind published in the European Heart Journal [1] today (Tuesday). The study also found that women who developed the condition were […]

How do stars die? | Live Science

Stars begin their lives when hydrogen fusion ignites in their dense, hot cores. Once that process starts, it’s game on. The gravitational pull of all the mass of the star tries to squeeze it down into a tiny point, but the energy released by fusion pushes outward, creating a delicate balance that can persist for […]

A truck-size shark washed up on a Maine beach. How did it die?

Fishers in Bremen, Maine, discovered a dead shark the size of a pickup truck on their local shore Tuesday (Jan. 5), according to news sources. Tanner Fields, who was one of the first to discover the washed-up shark, shared video footage of the beached behemoth with News Center Maine. Officials with the Maine Department of […]

2 people die in shark attacks. How unusual is this?

Two people were recently killed in separate shark attacks, but how common is this? The first attack occurred when a surfer, a 56-year-old Hawaiian man was paddling in Honolua Bay on Dec. 8, according to the Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources. In the second attack on Dec. 10, a 38-year-old woman died after […]

Black, Hispanic adolescents significantly more likely to die by police intervention than whites

A recent study evaluating the use of force by police against children found that Black and Hispanic adolescents are significantly more likely to die from shootings related to police intervention compared to non-Hispanic white adolescents. The findings, led by Children’s National Hospital researchers and reported online Nov. 24 in Pediatrics, mirror similar racial and ethnic […]

Scientists unravel how and why Amazon trees die

Credit: Pixabay/CC0 Public Domain The capacity of the Amazon forest to store carbon in a changing climate will ultimately be determined by how fast trees die—and what kills them. Now, a huge new study has unravelled what factors control tree mortality rates in Amazon forests and helps to explain why tree mortality is increasing across […]

People with inflammatory bowel disease still die earlier despite increase in life

A study comparing life expectancy of people with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) and without found that, while life expectancy increased for both groups, people with IBD generally died sooner. The study is published in CMAJ (Canadian Medical Association Journal). “The good news is life expectancy has increased in people with IBD, but there is still […]