The best external hard drives: Expand your file storage

As our lives get more digital, we need more room for storage. Here are some great external hard drives that’ll do the trick. (Dylan Gillis via Unsplash/) No matter your specific reason for seeking out an external hard drive—security, portability, storage capacity—you have more options than you may realize. Unless you have the highest-end computer, […]

Ludwig Cancer Research study reveals how ecDNA forms and drives cancer drug resistance

IMAGE: Ludwig San Diego Members Don Cleveland and Ofer Shoshani view more  Credit: Ludwig Cancer Research DECEMBER 23, 2020, NEW YORK – Researchers led by Ludwig San Diego Member Don Cleveland and Peter Campbell of the Sanger Center have solved the mystery of how free-floating circular DNA fragments, which are almost exclusively found in cancer cells, […]

Heavy rainfall drives one-third of nitrogen runoff, according to new study

Intense rainfall drives a significant portion of nitrogen runoff from agricultural fields. Credit: NOAA Heavy rain events that occur only a few days a year can account for up to one-third of the annual nitrogen runoff from farmland in the Mississippi River basin, according to a new study by Iowa State University scientists. The U.S. […]

Brain scans reveal the vocabulary that drives neural polarization — ScienceDaily

How can the partisan divide be bridged when conservatives and liberals consume the same political content, yet interpret it through their own biased lens? Researchers from the University of California, Berkeley, Stanford University and Johns Hopkins University scanned the brains of more than three dozen politically left- and right-leaning adults as they viewed short videos […]

External hard drives for easy, reliable backups

An ultra-reliable, high performance storage solution featuring Thunderbolt 3 and USB 3.1, the G-DRIVE is perfect for storage-intensive applications like audio production, video editing, or digital photography. It has a high-capacity, 7200RPM enterprise-class Ultrastar hard drive inside so you can depend on the power and long-lasting reliability for all your heavy workloads and mission-critical data. […]