Drones could help create a quantum internet

illustration of drones above a city

The quantum internet may be coming to you via drone. Scientists have now used drones to transmit particles of light, or photons, that share the quantum linkage called entanglement. The photons were sent to two locations a kilometer apart, researchers from Nanjing University in China report in a study to appear in Physical Review Letters. […]

Next-generation drones could learn from bumblebees’ amazing flight

A bumblebee flying within shrubs while foraging needs to devise effective strategies to avoid collisions that may cause damage to its wings and body. By perceiving the gaps between obstacles in relation to its own wingspan and body shape, bees display a remarkable ability to safely fly through even tight spaces. Credit: Charlotte Doussot. An […]

Drones are flying straight into volcanoes, for life-saving science

With an estimated 300 active volcanoes on Earth, the challenge is how to monitor them all to send out early warnings before they erupt. Measuring volcanic gas emissions is also no easy task. Now researchers have designed specially-adapted drones to help gather data from an active volcano in Papua New Guinea (PNG). The drones could […]

Specially-adapted drones gather data from unexplored volcanoes to better forecast eruptions

IMAGE: Taking a look at the new data soon as the drone returns. Featuring Dr Emma Liu (UCL) and Dr Kieran Wood (University of Bristol), using an Airgraph Aeris gas sensor… view more  Credit: Matthew Wordell Specially-adapted drones developed by an international team have been gathering data from never-before-explored volcanoes that will enable local communities to […]