When it comes to airborne COVID-19 transmission, droplet size matters

The primary way that people catch COVID-19 is by being in close contact with an infected person. (Pixabay/) Researchers reported last week in the journal Physics of Fluids that tiny particles called aerosols probably don’t spread the virus that causes COVID-19 as effectively as larger droplets that fall quickly to the ground after being exhaled. […]

Cavity-enhanced radiative energy transfer converts biomolecular information from a single droplet into trillions of distinctive photonic barcodes — ScienceDaily

Optical barcodes enable detection and tracking via unique spectral fingerprints. They’ve been widely applied in areas ranging from multiplexed bioassays and cell tagging to anticounterfeiting and security. Yu-Cheng Chen of the Bio+Intelligent Photonics Laboratory at Nanyang Technological University notes that the concept of optical barcodes typically refers to a fixed spectral pattern corresponding to a […]