Late rainy season reliably predicts drought in regions prone to food insecurity

Top: Whisker plots describing the variability of correlation between timing of onset of the rainy season (onset date) and peak NDVI (indicator of drought) in the following months for East, West, and Southern Africa based on Acute Food Insecurity (AFI) risks (Table 1). Bottom: Scatter plots of standardized anomaly of onset date timing and peak […]

Long-Term Drought Harms Mental Health in Rural Communities

Public health experts increasingly recognize that adverse weather and climate conditions can have negative impacts on people’s mental health as well as physical health. Many national and international organizations, for example, have established or expanded postdisaster services to include mental health assistance and support. However, little is understood about how mental health is […]

South America ravaged by unprecedented drought and fires

In this file picture taken on September 13, 2020 a man gestures in a burnt area of the Pantanal in Brazil, part of a large area ravaged by fires Under stress from a historic drought, large swathes of forest and wetlands in central South America known for their exceptional biodiversity have been ravaged by devastating […]

Winter Drought Relief Unlikely in Western U.S.

This winter is likely to be warmer and drier than average for most of the continental United States, in line with the conditions of a typical La Niña year. This information is according to the most recent NOAA seasonal forecast released on 15 October. Like the past 2 years, more than two thirds […]

Drought more likely than blizzards this winter

Credit: Larisa Koshkina/public domain Don’t expect much of a winter wallop this year, except for the pain of worsening drought, U.S. government forecasters said Thursday. Two-thirds of the United States should get a warmer than normal winter, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration predicted. Only Washington, northern Idaho, Montana, the Dakotas and northwestern Minnesota, will […]