Coastal Brazil Is Likely to Face More Heat Waves and Droughts

In early 2014, the Cantareira system, the main reservoir that feeds São Paulo, hit less than 10% of its capacity because of intense heat and drought, forcing Brazil’s most populated region to severely restrict its water consumption. Scientists working to understand the phenomenon say droughts like this can happen again and are likely […]

Ancestral Puebloans melted ice in lava tubes to survive droughts

During a parched summer almost 2,000 years ago, people living in what is now western New Mexico crawled into the cold, dark belly of a volcanically formed cave to melt the frozen water at its heart. The ice preserved in these naturally cool formations might have helped Ancestral Puebloans in the region persevere through five […]

The Ocean-Land Connection of Droughts

Droughts can have detrimental impacts on water, food, and energy security, as well as water-dependent ecosystems. Understanding how and why droughts develop is therefore of seminal importance. Herrera‐Estrada and Diffenbaugh [2020] identify areas with anomalously low values of “precipitation minus evaporation” over the ocean and follow their course with methods previously used for […]