Schizophrenia is 2nd highest risk factor for dying of COVID-19, after age

Schizophrenia may be one of the highest risk factors for dying from COVID-19, second only to age, according to a new study.  Previous studies had found that people with mental illnesses, particularly depression and schizophrenia — a condition that causes distortions in thinking and perception — had a higher risk of becoming infected with SARS-CoV-2, […]

Local languages are dying out and taking invaluable knowledge with them

Local languages rely on both oral tradition and physical documentation (like dictionaries) for survival. (Pisit Heng/Unsplash/) Linguist Nicholas Evans had heard the Kaiadilt people, an Aboriginal group in Northern Australia, utter “malji” on the beach many times. He knew the term meant “schools of mullet” and “holes of a fishing net,” but they would say […]

The planet is dying faster than we thought

Humanity is barreling toward a “ghastly future” of mass extinctions, health crises and constant climate-induced disruptions to society — one that can only be prevented if world leaders start taking environmental threats seriously, scientists warn in a new paper published Jan. 13 in the journal Frontiers in Conservation Science. In the paper, a team of […]

Salmon are dying off and your car tires might be to blame

Scientists found that a number of coho salmon died while swimming through urban waterways in the Pacific Northwest. (CREDIT: John R. McMillan, NOAA Fisheries/NWFSC/) Every fall, coho salmon undertake an epic journey from the ocean back to the freshwater streams and creeks where they were born so they can reproduce and then die shortly after. […]

The best Black Friday deals are decidedly not worth dying for

This will be a wreck on Black Friday. (Stan Horaczek /) Heading out into the world to shop on Black Friday is a bad idea this year. COVID cases are spiking and any ill-advised holiday travel is likely to exacerbate the problem. It can be hard to envision all the amazing deals out there that […]

How to can your favorite foods without dying

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