Researchers Unearth Bedrock Carbon and Water Dynamics

On Earth’s surface, countless plants and animals grow and move, taking in and releasing carbon. Beneath all that, the soil teems with insects, microbes, and fungi, all bustling and respiring. The bedrock farther below the surface, in contrast, may seem sterile, although it, too, often hosts life. Trees and other plants commonly work […]

The Boston Dynamics robots are surprisingly good dancers

At this point, we’ll watch the Boston Dynamics robots do basically anything. In their latest YouTube adventure, the squad of robots dances to the 1962 Contours classic “Do You Love Me?” and it’s as weird as it is adorable. The video features a pair of the company’s vaguely humanoid Atlas robots that do the running […]

Scientists identify electronic and structural dynamics of catalytic centers in single-Fe-atom materials

The identification of the electronic and structural dynamics of catalytic centers in single-Fe-atom material by Operando Mossbauer spectroscopy. Credit: LI Xuning Single-atom catalyst (SAC) is a conceptual bridge between homo- and heterogeneous catalysis. It offers new opportunities for capturing the reaction intermediates by identifying the active sites, and even monitoring the dynamic behaviors of both […]

The dynamics of nitrogen-based fertilizers in the root zone

Credit: CC0 Public Domain Nutrient contamination of groundwater as a result of nitrogen-based fertilizers is a problem in many places in Europe. Calculations by a team of scientists led by the UFZ have shown that over a period of at least four months per year, nitrate can leach into the groundwater and surface water on […]