How to use advanced editing tools without ruining your photos

There’s something utterly wrong with this photo. (Harry Guinness/) With great editing power comes great responsibility—the more easily you can change things about your photos, the more carefully you have to do it. Over the past few years image editing tools have gotten more advanced, more user-friendly, and, in some cases, even completely automatic. Now, […]

Researcher expands plant genome editing with newly engineered variant of CRISPR-Cas9

Credit: CC0 Public Domain Alongside Dennis van Engelsdorp, associate professor at the University of Maryland (UMD) in Entomology named for the fifth year in a row for his work in honey bee and pollinator health, Yiping Qi, associate professor in Plant Science, represented the College of Agriculture & Natural Resources on the Web of Science […]

Google Photos is better at image editing than you think

Use only one app to save original shots while you play around with light settings on a copy. ( Dan Gold / Unsplash/) Google Photos has come a long way from the days when it was part of Google Plus. Once a simple cloud-based image manager, the platform has become an artificial intelligence-powered one-stop shop […]

Nobel prize in chemistry 2020: Precision genome editing

For the first time, two women share the Nobel prize for chemistry. Their work with CRISPR helped usher in a new generation of precision genome editing. “My wish is that this will provide a positive message to the young girls who would like to follow the path of science, and to show them that women […]

Genome Editing Pioneer Violated Biosafety Rules – Independent Science News

By Edward Hammond, Prickly Research Official documents reveal that Daniel Voytas, a professor at the University of Minnesota and the co-inventor of the genome editing tool TALENs, has been found to have violated basic laboratory biosafety rules for a period of more than two years. Unapproved and unsupervised genetic engineering in the Voytas lab appears […]