Young people embrace new model of teaching sexual consent, study finds

IMAGE: Consent Image view more  Credit: Taylor & Francis: Sexual health charity Brook has adopted these latest research findings in its teaching methods A new nuanced way of teaching young people about consent that is based on their real-life experiences helps them develop a better understanding of sexual rights and ethics, a new study suggests. […]

Transforming the scientific community | EurekAlert! Science News

The members of ACNP have been motivated by recent events to strengthen diversity and inclusivity programs within the College and find ways to promote change in our home institutions. Two Annual Meeting Study Groups provided both information and practical action steps for members. The first addressed the challenge of moving beyond diversity and inclusivity as […]

Most U.S. social studies teachers feel unprepared to teach civic learning

Only one in five social studies teachers in U.S. public schools report feeling very well prepared to support students’ civic learning, saying they need additional aid with instructional materials, professional development and training, according to a RAND Corporation survey. “These findings are concerning,” said Laura Hamilton, lead author of the report and adjunct behavioral scientist […]

Operations on screen: Creating an accessible surgery simulator

IMAGE: UOC and Universidad de Manizales in Colombia are developing a low-cost surgery simulator to train surgeons’ psychomotor skills (National Cancer Institute – Unsplash) view more  Credit: (National Cancer Institute – Unsplash) Practice makes perfect. In the complex world of medicine too, where just a millimetre can make the difference between success and failure. In partnership […]

A Pandemic Pivot in Earth Science Outreach and Education

In classrooms around the world, rapid shifts to fully online learning necessitated by the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic challenged educators and students from preschool to graduate school. In many cases the hasty switch revealed frailties in educational systems, especially as instructors faced increased workloads and potentially reduced budgets, whereas in other cases, […]

High achievement cultures may kill students’ interest in math — especially for girls

A new study in Frontiers in Psychology suggests that high national math achievement combined with societal pressures may contribute to how well girls and boys like math. Past research has shown that achievement-driven cultures frequently correlate with less enthusiasm for learning subjects like math. This study of over 500,000 eighth graders from 50 countries is […]

Transcultural literacies and meaning-making through fanfiction

Digital technology has made intercultural contacts a daily activity for many people in the world. As a result, the globalization of cultural flows and the various ways that people appropriate these cultural flows have become hot topics for investigation, and the prefix “trans-” can now be seen in terms like translocalities, transnational, translanguaging and transculturing, […]

Spill-over effects show prioritising education of very poorest improves attainment of all

Secondary school students in Bagamoyo, Tanzania. Credit: CAMFED/Eliza Powell International development projects that target the education of the world’s very poorest children and marginalised girls also significantly improve other young people’s attainment, according to new research that suggests such initiatives should become a priority for international aid. The newly-reported study, by academics at the University […]

Conflicts in kindergarten can reduce children’s interest in reading and math

Teacher-perceived conflict predicts lower interest and pre-academic skills in math and literacy among kindergarteners, a new study from Finland shows. Kindergarten represents a crucial context in which children develop school-related skills and patterns of engagement that form the basis for the development of later competencies important for academic success. Kindergarten achievement has been found to […]

Students develop tool to predict the carbon footprint of algorithms

On a daily basis, and perhaps without realizing it, most of us are in close contact with advanced AI methods known as deep learning. Deep learning algorithms churn whenever we use Siri or Alexa, when Netflix suggests movies and tv shows based upon our viewing histories, or when we communicate with a website’s customer service […]