Seawater as an electrical cable !? Wireless power transfers in the ocean

IMAGE: Underwater drone (top left), power supply station (bottom left), drone parked on the power supply station installed on the ocean floor for battery charging (right) view more  Credit: COPYRIGHT (C) TOYOHASHI UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Overview: Associate professor Masaya Tamura, Kousuke Murai (who has completed the first term of his master’s program), and […]

A polymer electrode gets an electrical boost for use in E-skin devices. — ScienceDaily

Scientists around the world are working to develop electronic skins that attach to the body and monitor vital signs. These E-skins need to be comfortable, breathable, and flexible for everyday use. Gold is typically used to fabricate the electrodes that conduct electric signals in these applications. But gold is expensive, involves a complicated manufacturing process, […]

Electrical spin filtering avoids energy-costs of magnetic field — ScienceDaily

Spin-filtering could be the key to faster, more energy-efficient switching in future spintronic technology, allowing the detection of spin by electrical rather than magnetic means. A UNSW paper published last month demonstrates spin detection using a spin filter to separate spin orientation according to their energies. Ultra-fast, ultra-low energy ‘spintronic’ devices are an exciting, beyond-CMOS […]

Knotting semimetals in topological electrical circuits

IMAGE: Imaging nodal knots in momentum space through topolectrical circuits view more  Credit: SUTD Invented more than 15,000 years ago, knots represent one of the earliest technological breakthroughs at the dawn of human history that kick-started the subsequent rise of human civilisation. Even today, we are still relying on knots in our daily life. Shoelace knots, […]