Microfabricated elastic diamonds improve material’s electronic properties

Overcoming a key obstacle in achieving diamond-based electronic and optoelectronic devices, researchers have presented a new way to fabricate micrometer-sized diamonds that can elastically stretch. Elastic diamonds could pave the way for advanced electronics, including semiconductors and quantum information technologies. In addition to being the hardest materials in nature, diamonds have exceptional electronic and photonic […]

Scientists identify electronic and structural dynamics of catalytic centers in single-Fe-atom materials

The identification of the electronic and structural dynamics of catalytic centers in single-Fe-atom material by Operando Mossbauer spectroscopy. Credit: LI Xuning Single-atom catalyst (SAC) is a conceptual bridge between homo- and heterogeneous catalysis. It offers new opportunities for capturing the reaction intermediates by identifying the active sites, and even monitoring the dynamic behaviors of both […]

Electronic skin has a strong future stretching ahead

IMAGE: KAUST researchers have developed a durable “electronic skin ” that can mimic natural functions of human skin, such as sensing temperature and touch. view more  Credit: © 2020 KAUST A material that mimics human skin in ?strength, stretchability and sensitivity could be used to collect biological data in real time. Electronic skin, or e-skin, may […]

‘Electronic skin’ promises cheap and recyclable alternative to wearable devices

Researchers at the University of Colorado Boulder are developing a wearable electronic device that’s “really wearable”–a stretchy and fully-recyclable circuit board that’s inspired by, and sticks onto, human skin. The team, led by Jianliang Xiao and Wei Zhang, describes its new “electronic skin” in a paper published today in the journal Science Advances. The device […]