Elephants counted from space using satellites and AI

African elephants are the first animals to be successfully counted from space while moving through a complicated landscape that ranged from open grasses to forests.  Researchers combined high-resolution images captured 372 miles (600 kilometers) above Earth’s surface by the satellites Worldview 3 and 4, along with deep computer learning to count the number of elephants […]

Spotting elephants from space: A satellite revolution

Raw image in homogenous area compared with CNN detections (green boxes) and ground truth labels (red boxes). Worldview-3 Satellite images Credit: Maxar Technologies Using the highest resolution satellite imagery currently available—Worldview 3—from Maxar Technologies and deep learning, (TensorFlow API, Google Brain) researchers at the University of Oxford Wildlife Conservation Research Unit and Machine Learning Research […]

Ivory from a shipwreck reveals new details about African elephants

In 2008, miners off the coast of Namibia stumbled upon buried treasure: a sunken Portuguese ship known as the Bom Jesus, which went missing on its way to India in 1533. The trading ship bore a trove of gold and silver coins and other valuable materials. But to a team of archaeologists and biologists, the […]